In March of 2003, Lisa's daughter, Ella, had just turned 2. Her son, Nathan, was only 2 months old, and Mama Media Inc. was born. It is clear where the "mama" in Mama Media comes from.

Mama Media's core business is helping National advertisers by developing innovative, turnkey marketing programs with radio as the primary medium of support.    Many advertisers use advertising agencies or media shops for their traditional media AND other marketing/specialty companies for consumer promotion, sampling/couponing, event sponsorship, etc. Very few advertisers have realized the benefits of combining these two forces to realize a more potent program.   This is Mama Media's unique niche.

Radio is the medium of choice primarily because of its effectiveness, and flexibility with promotions. The radio medium knows how to reach, inspire and motivate their target audience. Radio is a local medium that can easily accommodate specific needs on a market-by-market basis. On a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis, radio is, without question, the most cost effective of all the mass media. While television and print are "reach" vehicles, radio bolsters a campaign by delivering the much-needed "frequency". On radio, the listener uses their own imagination to see what they "want to see".