Who says you can’t build a brand on radio? Just ask Christine Magee of Sleep Country, Mark Mandlsohn of Bay Bloor Radio, or the marketing department at President’s Choice Financial. The PCF brand was built on radio. The advertising strategy revolved around radio as the core medium. PCF captured phenomenal attention immediately, by proper use of the medium – consistency in positioning, strong weight levels, excellent creative and a commitment to the medium that fostered loyalty among its consumers. PCF soon leveraged other opportunities through cross-promotional campaigns and live remotes. Live remotes were used anytime a new PCF kiosk was opened in a Loblaws store. PCF launched a partnership with Standard Broadcasting in Toronto and The Hospital For Sick Kids in what has become the Hospital's single most successful promotional campaign.

Never missing a beat, Lisa negotiated for PCF to take ownership of CJRT’s (Toronto’s Jazz radio station) live concert series at The Ontario Science Center by securing Title Sponsorship of this exciting event. Strategies such as these are what contributed to PCF consistently achieving very hefty goals around both funds managed and new client acquisition.
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