In Ontario, “summer” brings concerns of West Nile Disease. SC Johnson’s OFF! had a lot to say about its brands of insect repellents and also wanted to put samples of their new product, OFF! Botanicals, directly into consumers’ hands. If the best advertising is described as reaching the right prospect, at the right time, with the right message, in the right medium, then the OFF! Campaign earned top honours. Using the Cottage Country Radio Network “Moose FM”, (a group of radio stations which saturate the Cottage Country market), was indeed a savvy strategy. Here, OFF! was in their most important market AND reached hundreds of thousands of Torontonians at a fraction of what it would cost to reach them in Toronto. The tactical execution included an on-air feature, created exclusively for OFF!, called “Bug-Free Living” (which was also the name of the OFF! web site). Through this feature, OFF! disseminated a broad range of information about insect control coupled with the features and benefits of their family of products. A 30” brandsell campaign was also supported with sponsorship of Moose FM’s “On The Water” Program. Boats, with the OFF! logo cruised the major lakes (Rosseau, Joseph and Muskoka) going dock-to-dock delivering samples of OFF! Botanicals and attended all major on-water events.
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