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Reach people from larger urban centers by engaging them in their summer playground markets and you will achieve cost savings and earn greater share of voice. In the summer, the population of these markets EXPLODES as city dwellers escape the city to enjoy quality social time with family and friends.

Whether it is to support new product launches, rejuvenate an existing product, or educate consumers, you will interact with consumers on a one-to-one basis.  The grass roots marketing component may be used for sampling, couponing, promotional execution, contesting, gathering research or distribution of literature.  By partnering with local radio stations, you are ensured strong media support that pumps up the volume on frequency.

Cottage Country Sampling engages with adults, kids, and families as a whole. 

To Reach people from         Use
Vancouver                               Whistler and The Okanagan
Calgary/Edmonton                 Banff/Canmore
Ontario                                      Cottage Country (Haliburton, Muskokas, Bancroft, Parry Sound, Huntsville, etc.)
Montreal                                   Laurentians & Eastern Townships 

The Cruiser Sampling takes place at both community events and frequently, at point of purchase (i.e. Local retailers, Grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores and other major retailers).  The Cruiser Program assists with both “push” into your retail channels and “pull” off of the shelves.  For something really unique, in markets that are on the water, the “On-The-Water” program samples from boats.  The boats go dock-to-dock, to marinas, waterski/wakeboard schools and on-water events such as regattas, boat shows, etc.  

As a sponsor, you enjoy category exclusivity for the entire summer.  Be where your competitors can’t be! Moreover, it is possible to leverage this opportunity by sampling and promoting multiple products simultaneously, making this an even more cost efficient proposition.   Because the cottage country markets are a microcosm of the larger urban centers, they reach a broad target audience and therefore, are a savvy tactic for supporting multiple brands.

Benefit Summary

  • Logo exposure on cruisers (land) and boats (water) act as moving billboards
  • Partnering with local radio stations lends cache and sizzle to the program
  • High frequency radio exposure drives purchase
  • Sampling at community events and frequently at point-of-purchase puts your products directly into consumers’ hands
  • Category exclusivity blocks out the competition
  • Opportunity for promotional execution to add fun and stimulate purchase
  • Long-term program bookends the summer from May 24-Labour Day and keeps your brand top-of-mind.

Sponsors have included:


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